Autism Connections provides individualized job exploration, training, and coaching for adults with autism.

Milestones partners with other community experts to provide individualized job exploration, training, and coaching.

Pathlight's Employment Supports provides work-related and social skills training that results in meaningful paid work and volunteer placements.

Autism Connections holds social skills groups for teens.

Family Empowerment can help families find local social groups and self-advocacy classes.

The Milestones program offers an innovative Boundaries and Relationships class as well as a host of social skills classes.

Milestones offers weekly classes for teens and young adults. Programs include performing arts, movement-based classes, social skills, cooking, martial arts and much more.

Autism Connections supports families in their efforts to advocate for funding and services within schools, community programs, and other human service programs.

Family Empowerment runs a series of workshops throughout the year to help parents be the best advocate for their child.

Call Family Empowerment to find out what respite services are available to you and your family. Hampshire County families may be able to get stipend money to cover respite.

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Autism Connections is the autism expert in western Massachusetts. Autism Specialists with expertise in resources, behavioral and communication issues, teaching strategies, and community inclusion help families and individuals with autism identify priorities, plan supports, and address skill development and behavior issues.

For those with autism, Autism Connections offers a wealth of social groups, sensory-friendly activities, and networking groups.

Milestones holds Café Nights where adults can come hang out with friends, dance to live music, and eat home-cooked meals.

Milestones Day offers an innovative community-based day program where participants focus on self-advocacy, job skills, social skills and community-building.

Family Empowerment offers trainings and workshops on topics across the lifespan.

Autism Connections offers trainings and workshops on topics across the lifespan.

Shared Living matches people with developmental disabilities, medical and personal care needs, with families in the community so that they can develop and grow in the privacy and dignity of a natural living situation and experience the activities of family and community life.

Adult Family Care recognizes and supports the extraordinary commitment people make when they care for a family member in their home. It is a program that provides compassionate, individualized care as well as funding to support that care.

Intensive Residential Services is dedicated to providing the best quality care to individuals with developmental disabilities who need high levels of support.

Residential Supports recognizes the individual’s desire to have a support network of family and friends, as well as paid staff, home health aides, personal care attendants, community counselors, and others, involved in making decisions about services.

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Shared Living, Adult Family Care, and Residential and Employment Supports are Pathlight programs and services that support people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to build family and community lives that allow each  to experience the fullness of their uniqueness.

Your gift will support the continued extension of these services to people with disabilities so they may  grow across their lifespan and experience the inclusion, participation, love, meaningful work, respect, and dignity that we all deserve.

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