Red Sox Roadtrip

A bus load of exuberant Pathlight participants, along with friends and family, took a dream trip to watch the Red Sox play at Fenway Park on September 8, 2017. This fun adventure was organized by Dennis LaFleche, Pathlight placement coordinator, and supported by the Darren FUNd, which enabled several ball fans to make their dreams come true.

An amazing trip was made even better when the Red Sox won!

Give Happiness

how ’bout be happy


It was Darren’s never-ending smile and happiness that filled the hearts of Anne Marie and John with joy when they welcomed him into their family. That joy led them  to establish the Darren FUNd in 2007 at Pathlight.

The FUNd’s purpose is to afford others served by Pathlight’s Shared Living and Adult Family Care program opportunities that are fun and bring them joy.

Over the years, the FUNd has fulfilled this intention in a variety of ways, including vacations trips to Disney World, Arizona, and New Hampshire, therapeutic horseback riding lessons, classes at the Jewish Community Center, membership at the local YMCA, a week at Camp Horizon, music lessons, and the purchase of iPads.

Since Darren’s death in 2014 from Early Onset Alzheimer’s, the FUNd has taken on a new meaning. It is now a tribute to his life, and a way to honor his spirit.

Please join us in remembering and honoring Darren’s memory and ensuring that others will receive the gift of happiness and fun.