About Planned Giving

Become Part of a Powerful Legacy
As part of your Estate Planning, you can help ensure that future generations of people with intellectual disabilities will continue to receive the support and services they need and deserve in order to live a full, rich life full of opportunity and learning.

Pathlight Living Legacy Society
By making a planned gift, you become a valued member of the Pathlight Living Legacy Society. Individuals and couples, who have made arrangements to include Pathlight in their estate planning are members of The Legacy Society. The legacy family is growing!

Pathlight Legacy Fund
Help build the Pathlight Legacy Fund, a permanent endowment fund to generate longer-term support from charitable planned gifts. This Fund allows your gift, modest or large, to continue to support the Pathlight mission you believe in. Your commitment allows us to protect and grow your gift.

Leave a Lasting Legacy
Join us, and become an important part of Pathlight’s present and future. To discuss ways of giving that are just right for you, contact Valle Dwight, Director of Communications and Development, at (413) 585-8010 or valle.dwight@pathlightgroup.org.

Types of Planned Giving

Gifts of Retirement Assets and Beneficiary Designations
A beneficiary designation is the simplest way to make a legacy gift to Pathlight. When you complete your beneficiary designation form, please name Pathlight as a full or partial beneficiary. These gifts bypass probate and go directly to all beneficiaries.

Some common designation options are:

  • Retirement plans (traditional IRA, 401(k), etc.)
  • Insurance policies
  • Savings accounts

Bequests and Wills
Please consider adding Pathlight as a beneficiary in your will. You may be able to add a simple codicil for a charitable bequest to an existing will. Pathlight will honor your intentions to provide a charitable gift through your will and offer you recognition today.

Here are some common bequest options you can use:

  • Determine a specific dollar amount or asset that you would like to leave to Pathlight
  • Name Pathlight as the recipient of a percentage of your residuary estate after you’ve provided for your loved ones
  • Pathlight receives a bequest only in the event of the death of other beneficiaries

Select a bequest that meets your needs. After providing for your loved ones, please decide to leave a provision in your will to Pathlight, designating a specific amount or percentage of cash, marketable securities, real estate, or other assets.

 A Charitable Gift Annuity
You can transfer cash or securities to Pathlight and receive a lifetime annuity payment from your gift. The rate is based on your age and the number of annuitants. You receive a charitable income tax deduction based on the age and number of annuitants (generally, the donor or the donor and the donor’s spouse). Your deduction may be claimed in the year of your gift up to the contribution ceilings previously outlined. You avoid immediate capital gains tax on the transfer of appreciated securities, and the annual payment is based on the fair market value of your gift.

 A Gift of a Life Insurance Policy
You may contribute a life insurance policy to Pathlight that is no longer needed for its original purpose. Simply ask your life insurance company for a Designation of Beneficiary form.

To make an irrevocable transfer that will receive gift credit, you must name Pathlight as the beneficiary and owner. You will receive gift credit for the cash surrender value of the policy and may claim that value as an income tax deduction in the year of the transfer.