Bill Dwight


This is Me: Portraits of Pathlight is a photography project that focuses the camera lens on people served by Pathlight throughout Western Massachusetts. Renowned local photographers have partnered with Pathlight to shoot portraits that convey the strength, beauty, complexity, and personality of people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism.

Meet photographer Bill:

Bill Dwight is a Northampton City Councilor and works the counter at the Florence Pie Bar.

He studied film and photography at four of the Five Colleges because he could only truly relate to the world visually. Bill worked for twenty-five years as a video clerk at Pleasant St. Video because, again, visual stories and the language of recorded light made more sense to him. He has been chronicling his life for close fifty years through a camera. It is how he memorializes experiences and people.

The Portraits of Pathlight: This is Me project is his first attempt at formal portraiture. He is grateful for the opportunity to try and capture honest images of subjects who tend to be presented in a way that misses their character and individuality.

Bill is excited and more than a little intimidated to be included in this show that features so many brilliant local photographers, artists who have inspired and moved him over the years.

He also is ashamed to write in the third person and thinks it’s kind of silly.

Be sure to join us at the This is Me: Portraits of Pathlight opening reception at the Northampton Center for the Arts during Arts Night Out on September 13, 2019 from 5pm-8pm, for each portrait’s big debut!