Birth to Preschool

Are you seeking guidance and support?

If your child has autism, Autism Connections is your source for all the most current and reliable information.

Family Empowerment is the go-to spot for Hampshire County families looking for information, resources and services about their family member with an intellectual disability.

Are you looking for an Autism Specialist?

Autism Connections is the autism expert in western Massachusetts. With a staff of autism specialists, they can help you and your family navigate the school system, behavior issues, sensory issues, and much more.

Do you need a break?

Contact Family Empowerment to find out what respite services are available to you and your family. Hampshire County families may be able to get stipend money to cover respite.

Looking for afterschool/weekend activities for your child?

Whole Children offers weekly classes for all ages and abilities. For the littlest ones, classes include movement, sensory and social skills.

Would you like information, referrals, and resources?

Both Family Empowerment and Autism Connections offer trainings and workshops on topics across the lifespan.

Are you seeking social opportunities and networking?

For those with autism, Autism Connections offers a wealth of social groups, sensory-friendly activities, and parent networking groups.

The Down Syndrome Resource Group of Western Massachusetts has a New Parent Support Group which meets bimonthly.

Family Empowerment offers family support groups as well as family-friendly gatherings.

Learn About Other Lifecycle Phases

Give Friendship

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Dances, social skills classes, Café Night, and social groups, to name a few. These are some of the ways that people with developmental disabilities come together, along with their families, to have fun, learn, and grow in friendship.

Your gift will support the ongoing provision of classes, groups, and social events that create opportunities for connection and community for people with disabilities and their families.