Photographer Spotlight: Carol Lollis

Carol Lollis


This is Me: Portraits of Pathlight is a photography project that focuses the camera lens on people served by Pathlight throughout Western Massachusetts. Renowned local photographers have partnered with Pathlight to shoot portraits that convey the strength, beauty, complexity, and personality of people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism.

Meet photographer Carol:

At 16 when Carol Lollis’s mother asked what she would like to be when she grew up, she answered, “A photographer for National Geographic.” With no clue how to make that happen, but being a mom and a champion for her daughter, she found out. She set Carol up with an informational interview at the magazine, where an editor urged her to go to college and “take a lot of photographs.” So Carol went to Beloit College, where she made up her major mixing English, anthropology, and photography, and later received an MA from Ohio University with a concentration in photojournalism.

After graduating, Carol got a job at the Daily Hampshire Gazette where she has happily been photographing the valley for 28 years. She is married to Sam Taylor, has three boys and feels amazed every day at how perfect her job is for her. It allows her to sit at a desk very rarely, ask tons of questions and be outside most the time while constantly being reminded how more alike then different we all seem to be.

Be sure to join us at the This is Me: Portraits of Pathlight opening reception at the Northampton Center for the Arts during Arts Night Out on September 13, 2019 from 5pm-8pm, for each portrait’s big debut!

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