Cat/Milo J Bezark


This is Me: Portraits of Pathlight is a photography project that focuses the camera lens on people served by Pathlight throughout Western Massachusetts. Renowned local photographers have partnered with Pathlight to shoot portraits that convey the strength, beauty, complexity, and personality of people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism.

Meet photographer Cat/Milo:

Milo is a gender abundant cyborg artist/educator who openly discusses queerness and disabilities in their work. They are passionately interested in creating documentary art through any medium necessary. Cat values collaboration as key in their work, working with their subjects in choosing what setting is most comfortable, asking the subject to pick images that best represent them, and working for as long or short as their collaborator is wanting. Especially in documenting other disabled or neurodivergent people, it is important to Milo that their subject is empowered and in control of creating nuanced narratives that speak beyond those of disabled folks in the mainstream.

Be sure to join us at the This is Me: Portraits of Pathlight opening reception at the Northampton Center for the Arts during Arts Night Out on September 13, 2019 from 5pm-8pm, for each portrait’s big debut!