Let’s Dance!

Our premier Let’s Dance! competition and benefit is set to take place at Gateway City Arts on November 18th! This will be a night of dancing and celebration to support enrichment programs for people with intellectual disabilities. Think “Dancing with the Stars,” only in this case, the stars are people served by Pathlight. Do-si-do or […]

Purgatory in Our Back Yard

“There is a hell on earth, and in America there is a special inferno. We were visitors there during Christmas, 1965.” by Valle Dwight Beat that for a first sentence. It’s from a book published in 1966 called Christmas In Purgatory: A Photographic Essay on Mental Retardation that details two reporters’ visits to state institutions […]

A Win-Win Situation: Gerry and Edwin

Edwin first met Gerry nearly 20 years ago through his cousin Carlos, who often brought Gerry along to summer softball games, where he enthusiastically cheered on the team. “When Carlos told me that Gerry was looking for a new home, I applied for the position and got it. And here we are today. It will […]

Erasing the Lines of Differences

In this time of fear and uncertainty, where seemingly impassable lines have been drawn in the sand between different groups, ideologies and perspectives, it is refreshing to experience the magic that happens when those lines are erased. My son Alex is 20 years old and has Williams syndrome, a genetic disorder that can result in […]

The Pathlight Challenge
pathlight challnege

Pathlight was conceived 65 years ago by five mothers who wanted a different life for their children with developmental disabilities. That forward-thinking spirit laid the foundation for many Pathlight innovations. We were the first to: offer a developmental day school in western Massachusetts create community homes in Massachusetts develop the pioneering Shared Living model in […]

Donor Highlight – February 2017

Jon D. Lumbra, CFO and Vice President of Administration at The Dowd Agencies, jumped in in with both feet to support the mission of Pathlight and its programs. In just a few months, Jon demonstrated what a motivated volunteer can accomplish, starting with helping to  secure a leading sponsorship for one of our premiere galas […]

An Extra Room, A “Sisters” Home

Amy Sullivan and her 11-year old daughter Madi welcomed Marie Guillmette into their Belchertown home last fall through Pathlight’s Shared Living program. Now, Marie is living the dream as she discovers all the things she loves to do. Whether a spa day or camping in Vermont, dancing the night away or shop-till-you-drop trips to the […]

A letter from Ruth Banta, Executive Director

I began my professional career in banking on Wall Street and later moved to insurance. How then, did I end up in human services? Often, we see things coming, usually those things we’ve intended, planned for, and worked toward. But sometimes life catches us off guard. And so it was that one day, my toddler […]