Photographer Spotlight: Hannah Osofsky


Hannah Osofsky


This is Me: Portraits of Pathlight is a photography project that focuses the camera lens on people served by Pathlight throughout Western Massachusetts. Renowned local photographers have partnered with Pathlight to shoot portraits that convey the strength, beauty, complexity, and personality of people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism.

Meet photographer Hannah:

“I specialize in fun and believe my art is best when it represents my subject’s personality. I like to empower my clients with the use of bright, bold colors that pop out and catch the eye!

In April of 2014, my mother passed away from glioblastoma after battling cancer for 18 months. Immersing myself in photography became a way for me to focus my negative energy into something positive.

When I’m not busy working I yearn to travel both nationally and internationally while taking photographs of adventures.”

Check out more of Hannah’s work here:

Be sure to join us at the This is Me: Portraits of Pathlight opening reception at the Northampton Center for the Arts during Arts Night Out on September 13, 2019 from 5pm-8pm, for each portrait’s big debut!



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