After a multi-year effort to get wheelchair accessible tickets, Judy French, one of the lovely residents at our Paul Revere home, finally got to see Shania Twain in concert!

On Wednesday, July 11, Shania brought her “Shania Now” tour to TD Garden. But before seeing her favorite artist of all time, Judy spent a fun-filled day in Boston at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel with her caregiver, Wendy Miranda. They had a blast enjoying great food and taking selfies before the big night.



As Shania dazzled the crowd, Judy said she “broke out in tears”. Aside from Shania being her favorite artist, Judy says that the country singer reminds her of her mother. “Seeing her meant a lot to me,” said Judy. “It was great! I was happy with her.” Her favorite song of the night was “Honey I’m Home”. However, Judy wasn’t the biggest fan of Shania being twirled high in the air by one of her dancers. “Good thing she was alright because I would’ve gone on stage and yelled at him!” Judy said jokingly.




With encore performances of “Man! I Feel like a Woman!” and “Rock this Country!”, Shania’s show didn’t end until after midnight. But the late night didn’t stop Judy from staying up until the crack of dawn, still bustling with post-concert excitement!



Now that seeing Shania in concert has been checked off of her bucket list, Judy holds on to her tour poster and t-shirt to always remember her amazing experience. For Judy, it was truly a dream come true.