Get to know Lori Miller and Brian Ashe, one of our Let’s Dance couples!

Pathlight Dancer: Lori Miller
 From Amber, who is one of Lori’s caregivers: “Lori’s face lit up when I asked her if she would like to be part of this event. She is very excited to dance!”

Community Dancer: Brian Ashe
Brian Ashe is a Massachusetts state representative. He, his wife, and son and daughter enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars together. When Brian and his dance partner, Lori, met, they were delighted to discover they share a favorite color–purple!

When asked about his participation in Let’s Dance!, Brian said, “When Jim Foard, a personal friend and former Pathlight Board President, asked if I would be interested in partnering with Lori for Let’s Dance!, I jumped at the chance.  It will be a fun night of dancing to raise awareness and funds for Pathlight and its programs.”

 Instructor: Danielle Stelma
I believe that being able to express yourself and find joy through dance is something that people of all abilities should be able to experience. I am so excited to meet the dancers I will be working with and choreograph them a wonderful dance all while raising funds for an amazing program.”

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