Get to know Lorraine Egerton and Scott Foster, one of our Let’s Dance couples!

Pathlight Dancer: Lorraine Egerton
“My name is Lorraine Egerton and I’m going to be 54 in November. I like to do crafts, spend time with family, and go on trips. I take walks a lot, and I’ve been on a bowling league for the past 3 years- we go every Monday. I LOVE TO DANCE! I like to see people, meet new people; new friends.”

Community Dancer: Scott Foster
“By day, I’m the Chair of the Business and Finance Department at the law firm of Bulkley Richardson. My practice focuses on the growth aspects of private ventures. Some afternoons, I can be found playing co-founder and current Chairman of Valley Venture Mentors, a startup accelerator that provides robust mentoring to entrepreneurs from around New England. Most evenings, I’m attending various board meetings and special events supporting organizations that are near and dear to me. As for hobbies, I like playing and watching tennis – especially with my wife and son (13) and am just now recovering from a serious Disney fixation that led to 12 trips in less than three years.

I’m honored to be part of Pathlight’s Let’s Dance. What a great way to hit the dance floor for such a worthy cause. I’m looking forward to working with my dancing partner, Lorraine and raising funds for Pathlight’s programs and services.

Instructor: Danielle Stelma
“I believe that being able to express yourself and find joy through dance is something that people of all abilities should be able to experience. I am so excited to meet the dancers I will be working with and choreograph them a wonderful dance all while raising funds for an amazing program.”

Lorraine and Scott will step it out to “Time of my Life” (Dirty Dancing/Black Eye Peas remix)

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