Get to know Titus Barklow and Margaret Lenihan, one of our Let’s Dance couples!


Pathlight Dancer: Titus Barklow
“I like to dance, meet new people, and have fun!”

Community Dancer: Margaret Lenihan, Senior Vice President, PeoplesBank
I truly appreciate how important Pathlight is to so many families in our community, and so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to help out in some way! Having recently taken a few dance lessons with my husband before our daughter’s wedding, I realized I’m not too “left-footed” after all, so I thought, ‘I can do this!’ Raising money for a such a good cause will be the best part of the evening.”

Instructor: Loryn Engelbrecht
Loryn works as a graphic and web designer and digital brand stylist throughout Western MA. Ohana School of Performing Arts is her “home-away-from-home” where she is a dance instructor and the studio manager! Loryn is wild about tap dancing, punny jokes, Disney, traveling in search of delicious food, and whole-heartedly believe in the words of one of her favorite personality, Kid President: It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance!

About Let’s Dance!, Loryn says, “The inclusivity, community connection, and passion for helping others that Pathlight represents is so inspiring, I was immediately interested in getting to work with them! With the eagerness that drew me to Ohana Studio of Performing Arts, I felt the same tug towards Pathlight! I love that Pathlight is all about supporting one another, using talents to the benefit the community, and putting friendship, empathy, joy, and compassion first in life! I can’t wait to watch Titus & Margaret rock the stage… their kind hearts will make them shine like stars! The fun that this adventure will bring to us all will be contagious, I just know it!!

Titus and Margaret will be shaking it (pun intended) to Salt n Peppa’s “Push It!”

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