What We Believe


Pathlight partners with people with disabilities to create opportunities and build relationships throughout their lives.

We want to live in a world where people with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, and autism are recognized for their full human potential; where they are empowered to build an engaged and connected life, made up of the people and activities that they choose and that are meaningful to them.

We achieve this vision through a shared commitment to a well-trained and supported workforce and by focusing on the wishes and dreams of the people we serve.



Empowerment / We support people to achieve their goals.

We are not daunted by perceived limitations; we see potential in all people. We support personal choice over decisions that affect a person’s life. We invest in ideas, learning, and growth.

Inclusion / We are better together.

We seek out and listen to all voices. We invite different perspectives, ideas and individuals into our decision-making process. We amplify the voices of people with disabilities to ensure their inclusion in the community. 

Respect / We value each other.

We recognize the inherent dignity in all people. We accept, promote and embrace each person’s unique qualities and experiences, including those that differ from our own. We listen to learn and understand. 

Creativity / We look at the world differently.

New ideas are all around us. We take our purpose seriously, but not our egos. We use our imaginations to drive innovation.

Resiliency / We persevere.

We all face obstacles in our work and our lives. We prepare people to be flexible and responsive to meet those challenges. We approach change with curiosity and intention.

Integrity / We keep our promises.

We honor our commitments. We act in accordance with our values, even when it is difficult.

Strategic Plan 2020-2023


  • Commit to strategic growth and innovation to further Pathlight’s mission and diversify funding
  • Develop progressive and innovative ideas to provide the highest quality services to people with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, and autism
  • Be the premier employer within the intellectual disability, developmental disability, and autism community in Western Massachusetts
  • Engage in data-driven decision making and performance improvements
  • Maintain financial sustainability in a rapidly evolving environment to meet strategic goals