Residential Supports

At Pathlight, we believe that all people want to live fulfilling, happy lives. We believe this is possible despite personal challenges, disabilities, or medical issues. Our residents receive all that they need to experience the full journey of life.

Residential Supports provides staff support and assistance with housing arrangements to individuals with developmental disabilities so that they can live with the rights and responsibilities afforded all citizens in the community of their choice. The variety of housing options and range of supports adjust to the age of the individual served—from 22 to a 102!—and the level of support needed—from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day.

Community Residences

Pathlight operates over 20 group residences throughout western Massachusetts for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Since 1971, when we opened the first community residence in the state, we have respected and learned from the unique qualities and abilities of the people we’re privileged to serve. We understand that each individual has specific values, preferences, needs, and abilities, which change over time. Our goal is to accommodate their individual needs and interests so that they can reach their potential and live a dignified life in their community.

Intensive Residential Services

Our homes make it possible for adults with developmental and health-related issues to receive the services they need while living in a safe, dignified, family-like setting within the community. Our single intent is to create a home that enables each individual to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. We achieve this by empowering each person to be actively involved in their household and community.

Complex Medical Needs

Established in 1979, Intensive Residential Services was the first community-based program of its type in Massachusetts.  Residences were created so that adults with complex needs can have a home in the community where around-the-clock staff can meet their medical and behavioral needs, give them individual attention, and help them realize their full potential.

Complex Behavioral Needs

Acquired from Green Meadows in 2002, these homes are led by highly trained Behavior Analysts and Behavior Specialists who develop and coordinate Behavior Treatment and Skill Building plans for those with complex behavioral needs. Many of these individuals have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.

Support for Independent Living

Pathlight provides person-specific services to those living on their own or with family members, but who need additional assistance with everyday tasks.

Individuals and families work with us to determine the supports they need.

Employment Supports

Pathlight provides work-related and social skills training to individuals with developmental disabilities that results in meaningful paid work and volunteer placements. We help individuals develop their potential and become contributing members of their community.

Helping people face challenges and find possibilities.

More About Intensive Residential Services

Offering the Best Care

Complex Medical Care
Our highly trained direct support professionals are the strength of our program. Our nurses and therapists coordinate medical responses to the complex and changing needs of individuals who may have conditions such as seizure disorders, tracheotomies, need for nutritional support through a feeding tube, or other physical challenges.

Residences are designed to be physically accessible for everyone, providing both freedom of movement within the building and easy access to the outside community.

Complex Behavioral Care
Our clinical team is led by highly trained Behavior Analysts and Behavior Specialists. They help to develop and coordinate Behavior Treatme#e09900#da8a27nt and Skill Building plans for those who present with complex behavioral needs. Many of these individuals have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.

Residences are specially designed to help meet the challenging needs these folks have while providing for community access.

Making a Lifetime Committment

The people we are privileged to support must have long-term, comprehensive, flexible, skilled nursing care, and our commitment spans a lifetime. In daily ongoing needs and during life’s challenges, our staff ensures that individuals receive the highest quality care. The resulting continuity of medical and personal attention is invaluable to the individual with complex needs, and so are the relationships formed over time.

Forming Lasting Relationships

Staff and residents form close relationships.  The personal sharing, the struggles, and the joys – all are a two-way interaction, and from it staff derive the same appreciation, affection, and learning as the individuals entrusted to their care. Families are included in the individual’s life and appreciate the profound bonds shared by everyone involved.

Providing a Place in the Community

Staff assist in maintaining individuals’ link to the community and ensure that they are actively involved in various activities. They accompany individuals to medical, dental, and other appointments and often accompany them on trips to the beach, church, family events, the gym, the movies, town fairs, picnics, day trips, or out-of-town vacations.

Staff have the ability to read an individual and seize a moment of potential. The moment may consist of the basic act of standing up, or it may involve complicated planning for a family vacation. With assistance and encouragement from staff, some residents are able to participate in and volunteer at community activities.

Ensuring a Full and Valued Life

We share a strong belief that people can live fulfilling, happy lives, despite complex medical issues and personal challenges.  Our residents receive all that they need to experience the full journey of life. The atmosphere in our homes is one of warmth and compassion, and by supporting these individuals mentally, spiritually, and physically, we help them express their hopes and dreams.

All who are part of this amazing process learn to see through the fragility of the body to the strength of the human spirit.

More About Employment Support

Job Placements in Volunteer Settings

Volunteer placements in the community provide opportunities for involvement that matches the ability and interest of individuals.

Skill Building

Volunteer placements in the community provide opportunities for involvement that matches the ability and interest of individuals.

Volunteer Organization Benefits

The individuals we place in a work or volunteer setting are dependable and get the job done. If a person is unavailable, then Employment Supports will find a substitute to complete the job. When an employer works with an individual, they also have the support of the agency available

Individual Benefit

Whether individuals secure jobs or volunteer placements, they benefit. Utilizing their unique set of skills, they learn responsibility, dependability, and pride in their accomplishments, and they grow through involvement in the community.

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