Care Providers Needed in Holyoke/Chicopee Area

Pathlight Community – We have a new Shared Living opportunity and are asking for your help in spreading the word!

For those that aren’t aware, Shared Living is a service model in which an individual with developmental disabilities moves in with a person, couple, or family. The Care Providers receive a tax-free stipend and the knowledge they are making a positive difference in the lives of others, while the individuals can live and grow in a home-based situation and experience the everyday activities of family and community life. A WIN-WIN SCENARIO!

We are currently looking for a person or couple to be the Care Provider(s) for a young woman we support. For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call her L. Our goal is to find L. a home near the Holyoke/Chicopee area (but there is some wiggle room on that).

What type of homes would be a good fit for L. specifically? Check out our Q&A section below to learn more!

  • OUR SPARE BEDROOM IS ON THE 2ND FLOOR. CAN E. GO UP STAIRS?:  L. doesn’t have any physical limitations or restrictions, so it will not matter if her room is located on the first or second floor.
  • I HAVE CHILDREN, WILL THAT BE AN ISSUE?:  L. would do best in a home where her Care Providers can bond with her through 1-on-1 interactions/help her adjust to her new home. For that reason, her top placement matches would be homes without children.
  • WHAT ABOUT PETS?: L. is fine with dogs that are well trained; however, she is not a fan of cats.
  • DO I NEED TO HELP WITH TRANSPORTATION?: While all Care Providers should be willing and able to help with transportation needs when necessary; L. works 2-3 days per week at a local Stop and Shop and uses the PVTA to schedule her rides.
  • WHAT KIND OF SUPPORTS WOULD E. NEED?: L. doesn’t need physical assists, but sometimes requires prompting and will need supervision with medications . Care Providers should also be mindful to engage with her in social situations so that she doesn’t isolate.
  • HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE L.’S PERSONALITY?:  L. is friendly, but reserved and shy. She enjoys spending time with others though once she gets to know them and feels comfortable!
  • WHAT ARE SOME OF L’S FAVORITE THINGS TO DO?: While L. is low key, she does enjoy sports (like swimming and horseback riding), as well as music, going to the movies, and cooking – just to name a few things! Additionally, we can’t forget another favorite past time of hers: enjoying quiet time/unwinding in her room.

Ideal candidates for this role would have skills in working with individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities (though not required), be able to establish clear and consistent routines, set reasonable limits, and provide structure.  In addition to receiving the annual and generous TAX-FREE stipend, Care Providers for this rewarding opportunity are given training, case management supports, and respite.

If interested, call 413-731-4548, email Info@PathlightGroup.org, or fill out a Shared Living Interest form!