Springfield Care Provider (1)

Shared Living Care Provider Needed in Springfield

We are currently seeking a person or couple in the Springfield area to be the Shared Living Care Provider(s) for a woman we support. For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call her B.

For those that aren’t aware, Shared Living is a service model in which an individual with developmental disabilities moves in with a person, couple, or family. The Care Providers receive a tax-free stipend and the knowledge they are making a positive difference in the lives of others, while the individuals can live and grow in a home-based situation and experience the everyday activities of family and community life. A WIN-WIN SCENARIO!

What type of homes would be a good fit for B. specifically? Check out our Q&A section below to learn more!

  • OUR SPARE BEDROOM IS ON THE 2ND FLOOR. CAN B. GO UP STAIRS?: While B. is ambulatory, she uses a walker/cane and wears compression socks. A home with a first floor bedroom would be a better and safer match.
  • I HAVE CHILDREN, WILL THAT BE AN ISSUE?: At this point in time, B. would prefer not to live in a home with children.
  • WHAT ABOUT PETS?: B. is fine with pets though!
  • DO I NEED TO HELP WITH TRANSPORTATION? While all Care Providers should be willing and able to help with transportation needs when necessary, B. attends her day program in Springfield Monday through Friday (approximately 9am to 3 pm) and they provide transportation to and from the location.
  • WHAT KIND OF SUPPORTS WOULD B. NEED?: Although B. doesn’t require physical assists, she will require reminders to complete her activities of daily living (ADLs). Best matches for B. would be Care Providers who are patient, as she can have difficulties following directions.
  • HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE B.’S PERSONALITY?: B. is a happy and social woman!
  • WHAT ARE SOME OF B.’S FAVORITE THINGS TO DO?: B. has a boyfriend and likes to do community activities outside of the home. She also likes to go the gym (where she uses the pool) and likes to attend dances.

Ideal candidates for this role would have skills in working with individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities (though not required), be able to establish clear and consistent routines, set reasonable limits, and provide structure. In addition to receiving the annual and generous TAX-FREE stipend, Care Providers for this rewarding opportunity are given training, case management supports, and respite.

If interested, call 413-731-4548, email Info@PathlightGroup.org, or visit https://www.pathlightgroup.org/programs-and-services/shared-living/ and fill out a Shared Living Interest form!