Help us spread the word please! Pathlight currently has a Shared Living Respite Provider opportunity in Hampshire County!

For those that aren’t aware, Shared Living is a service model in which an individual with developmental disabilities moves in with a person, couple, or family. The Care Providers receive a tax-free stipend and the knowledge they are making a positive difference in the lives of others, while the individuals can live and grow in a home-based situation and experience the everyday activities of family and community life. A WIN-WIN SCENARIO!

In Respite scenarios, the care is for a temporary timespan- this could be a few days a week, over a weekend, or for several weeks at a time. Respite is a great opportunity for those that don’t have the availability to become full time Care Providers, or for people who want to get their feet wet first.

This particular respite role is for a man that has lived with his current Care Providers in Easthampton for many years, so ideally our goal is to find a respite home in his community (or the surrounding towns).  For anonymity’s sake, we’ll call him “E.”

Below is some information potential Respite Providers for E. would be interested in knowing:

  • HOW IS E. WITH CHILDREN?: E. is used to living with quiet adults, so a home without young children would probably be best. He would be fine with older teens though!
  • I HAVE PETS, IS THAT OK? E. has lived with small, friendly dogs and cats. We are unsure how he would react around a large dog.
  • OUR SPARE BEDROOM IS ON THE 2ND FLOOR. WILL THAT BE AN ISSUE?:  Not at all! E. doesn’t have any physical limitations or restrictions as far as navigating stairs go, so it will not matter if his room is located on the first or second floor.
  • DOES HE NEED SUPPORT WITH PERSONAL CARE?: Yes, although E. is able to dress himself, he does need hands on assistance with all aspects of hygiene (showering, shaving, brushing teeth, etc.) and occasionally some help with toileting.
  • WHAT OTHER SUPPORTS WOULD HE NEED?: E. would love to go shopping and pick out items to buy, but he needs total assistance with handling money and making purchases.
  • WHAT ARE SOME OF E.’S FAVORITE THINGS TO DO?: E likes visiting coffee shops and going out to eat, swimming, hiking, drawing/coloring….just to name a few things. He would probably enjoy any outing offered! He’s not a morning person though, so activities taking place in the afternoon or early evening would be best.
  • CAN YOU TELL ME MORE ABOUT E.’S PERSONALITY?: E. is typically in a good mood and very low key. He’s pretty quiet-usually only saying a word or two to get his needs across- but he likes to smile and laugh! E. just likes to be included. Best matches for his personality would be respite providers that offer a caring and patient, yet firm presence.

Ideal candidates for this role would have skills in working with individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities (though not required), be able to establish clear and consistent routines, set reasonable limits, and provide structure.  In addition to receiving a TAX-FREE stipend, Respite Providers for this rewarding opportunity are given training and case management supports.

If interested, call 413-731-4548, email Info@PathlightGroup.org, or visit https://www.pathlightgroup.org/programs-and-services/shared-living/ and fill out a Shared Living Interest form!

Lastly, on behalf of E. and Pathlight’s team, we ask you to please consider sharing this opportunity with others!