Berkshire county Respite Foster Parent

Respite Care Provider Needed in Berkshire County

Pathlight is currently seeking a Respite Foster Parent for a young boy we support through our Shared Living program in the Berkshire County! For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call him O.

For those that aren’t aware, Shared Living is a service model in which an individual with developmental disabilities moves in with a person, couple, or family. The Care Providers (or Foster Parents if the person supported is under 18) receive a tax-free stipend and the knowledge they are making a positive difference in the lives of others, while the individuals can live and grow in a home-based situation and experience the everyday activities of family and community life. A WIN-WIN SCENARIO!

Respite Providers (what we are looking for in this situation) offer short-term relief for primary Care Providers/Foster Parents. The length of time for respite care varies depending on the need- it could be anything from just a day to a few weeks.

As O. lives in Sandisfield, we are looking for a Respite Foster Parent in the LEE, SANDISFIELD, SHEFFIELD, and/or MONTEREY area.

What type of homes would be a good fit for O. specifically? Check out our Q&A section below to learn more!

  • FIRST THINGS FIRST, HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE O.’S PERSONALITY?: is curious by nature and is a “go with the flow” kind of person!
  • OUR SPARE BEDROOM IS ON THE 2ND CAN O. GO UP STAIRS?:  It depends on the layout of the house, but preferably O.’s room would be on the first floor as he has limited flexibility and has been known to have small seizures.
  • I HAVE CHILDREN, WILL THAT BE AN ISSUE?: Under certain circumstances that arrangement could work, but ideally O. would be the only child in the home (Pre-teens and teenagers are fine though!).
  • WHAT ABOUT PETS?: O. is good with pets as long as they are tolerant with children touching them.
  • DO I NEED TO HELP WITH TRANSPORTATION? All Foster Parents should be willing and able to help with transportation needs when necessary. O.’s Respite Foster Parent(s) will need to drive him to and from school. When school is in session, he attends all 5 days during the week.
  • WHAT KIND OF SUPPORTS WOULD O. NEED?: O’s Respite Foster Parent(s) should be mindful of his seizures. As we mentioned before, they are typically small/only last a few seconds. At times he may need support in calming down if he’s stressed or upset (Redirecting works well with him). As far as personal care goes, Respite Providers should be comfortable handing diapers, as well assisting O. with showers and going to the bathroom.
  • WHAT ARE SOME OF O.’S FAVORITE THINGS TO DO?: O. likes to be active! He enjoys going to events, riding his tricycle, playing basketball etc. He also loves cartoons, balloons, and movies (and can often be occupied with these). Although he’s nonverbal, the smile O. has when he’s having fun speaks volumes!

Ideal candidates for this role would have skills in working with individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities (though not required), be able to establish clear and consistent routines, set reasonable limits, and provide structure.  In addition to receiving the annual and generous TAX-FREE stipend, Respite Providers for this rewarding opportunity are given training and case management supports.

If interested, call 413-731-4548, email Info@PathlightGroup.org, or visit https://www.pathlightgroup.org/programs-and-services/shared-living/ and fill out a Shared Living Interest form!